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MAIN: 410.866.4900  |  SERVICE DEPT: 410.866.5201
365 EMERGENCY SERVICE: 1.888.866.4900

MAIN: 410.866.4900
SERVICE DEPT: 410.866.5201
365 EMERGENCY SERVICE: 1.888.866.4900

Exelon – Baltimore Gas & Electric Company

Exelon – Baltimore Gas & Electric Company

Notch Cliff Hydronic Line Boiler Replacement
Glen Arm, MD

Scope of Work

BGE’s Notch Cliff Propane/Air Plant serves as a peak-shaving gas production facility that stores liquid propane in an underground cavern. This liquid propane is stored under a variable water cap in a gallon underground granite cavern, pumped out, vaporized and then blended with compressed air to form a mixture, which is interchangeable with natural gas. This mixture is then blended with the natural gas flowing through an adjacent pipeline, and the increased volume of product in the pipeline goes on to serve the Baltimore area on days of peak demand.

The Hydronic Boiler upgrade project was created to address various zones of the facility where specific items cannot be subjected to lower temperatures. This upgrade allows the unit to run at a much more efficient rate using scavenged propane from the cavern’s water cap and a complete 480V upgrade and change from overhead wiring to underground conduit. Monitoring controls and a communication panel were also installed to monitor and control temperature in each zone.

The project site is located on a sliver of land between a slate cliff and the Gunpowder River giving little room for utilities, making the coordinated design execution of paramount importance. From hydrovac excavation, grout filled pipe trenches under fuel tanker access roads, power outages and changeovers, to the epoxy coated flooring…this project had some challenges and as the mechanical prime contractor, each was met with the J. F. Fischer, Inc. team approach of proper planning, subcontractor input, owner approval and awesome field execution by everyone involved.

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